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To update your membership data, click the link below (opens in a new window/tab).

You will need your “UID” number and your password.

Note: Not all fields are required, but are included by default in the software.
For some fields the labels may not match the required content – see notes below.

  • Fist Name and Last Name: Required.
  • Gender: Not required.
  • Date of birth: Required; displayed in US format (month/day/year).
  • SSN Number: Not required.
  • Address: Street/Townland – Required
  • City: Town/Village – Required
  • ZIP: Eircode – Required
  • State: County – Required
  • Telephone: Not required
  • Mobile phone: Required; International prefix (353) is required, so change 086 to 35386, 087 to 35387, etc.
  • Email: Not required, but recommended.
  • Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Belt Size: Not required.
  • Secondary Contact Number, Secondary Contact Name: Required for juniors; recommended for all ages (In case of emergency).
  • Medical, Requirements and Convictions: Can be left blank if no relevant information exists; Required if answer to any of these questions is “Yes”. If updating these sections, you are obliged to inform your instructor first.