Upcoming: Bill “Superfoot” Wallace Seminar

Upcoming: Bill “Superfoot” Wallace Seminar

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We are delighted to have the opportunity to extend an open invite to all martial artists to attend a seminar with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace at our club in Clonakilty, West Cork.


We will be hosting Mr. Wallace for two seminars at the Darrara Events Centre, Clonakilty, County Cork. The seminars will take place on Friday March 28th 2014, with separate classes for juniors and seniors.


Bill Wallace earned the nickname “Superfoot” during his competitive Full Contact Karate / Kickboxing career, having once had his kicks recorded at travelling over 100km/h! Mr. Wallace is renowned for having popularised the sport of kickboxing and retired undefeated from professional competition in 1980, having held the PKA World Middleweight title for nearly 6 years.

As well as his competitive successes, Mr. Wallace also worked closely with Elvis Presley as both a trainer and bodyguard and has featured in a number of movies alongside such stars as John Belushi, Mickey Rourke, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan.


The junior seminar will take place from 6.30pm – 7.30pm and will be open to all martial arts students under the age of 16 from beginners to Red Stripe / 3rd Gup / 3rd Kyu. The cost of this class is €15 per person.


The senior seminar will run from 8pm – 9.30pm. This class is open to all martial arts instructors and students who are aged 16 or over, as well as under 16s ranked Red Belt / 2nd Gup / 2nd Kyu and higher. The cost of this class is €25 per person.


All attendees MUST book their places in advance, by contacting Warrior Martial Arts by email at info@warrior.ie or by speaking to Dan O’Mahony on 086 864 9271.


For more information on Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, you can visit his website at http://superfoot.com/


Poster for your club:


Bill SUPERFOOT Wallace Poster 2014 (2.9 MiB)



How to get to the event:



1. Coming from Cork – Follow the N71 to Clonakilty.


Upon entering the 60km/h speed limit zone, you will see the Shannon Vale Foods factory on your left and signs for Timoleague (R600).


1. Coming from Skibbereen – Drive through Clonakilty as though heading for Bandon/Cork.


As you leave the town, you will pass a religious grotto on your left. At this point, take the right-hand lane and turn right at the upcoming junction.


2. All Drivers


Turn off the N71 on to the R600, following the signs for Timoleague.


After approx 1.5km, turn right onto L4016 (signposts for Teagasc, Agricultural College, Darrara Burial Ground).


After approx 600m the entrance will be on your right.


Upon entering the main gate, continue on the entry lane to the end.




Bill Superfoot Wallace Seminar

Clonakilty Agricultural College,



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