"Practical Tae Kwon Do" Seminar with Matt Sylvester

"Practical Tae Kwon Do" Seminar with Matt Sylvester

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Photos: Matt Sylvester, Practical Tae Kwon Do Seminar

On Saturday August 23rd, a small number of Warrior Tae Kwon Do members attended a seminar at Mr Paul O’Leary’s Jung Shin Mu Do dojang in The Glen, Cork.

The seminar, taught by Mr Matthew Sylvester of Practical Martial Arts, concentrated on real-life applications of the techniques we learn in our Tae Kwon Do patterns. During the three-hour course, participants were instructed in countless and often surprising uses for a wide range of techniques.

Mr Sylvester, a UK-based instructor, is a graded practitioner of Taekwondo, Ao Denkou Jitsu, Freestyle Kempo, Reality Based Self Defence, Practical Self Defence, and FAST. He is also Features Editor and regular columnist for the UKs leading martial arts magazine Combat. Matthew has experience of the martial arts in a sporting and practical manner and has served in the TA (OTC), the Special Constables, has worked Close Protection and is currently a Door Supervisor.

The seminar, which was not only informative, but highly entertaining, was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. Mr Sylvester has already offered to return to Ireland to conduct further seminars and we all look forward to seeing him again in the near future.


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