Matt Sylvester’s Practical approach to TKD

Matt Sylvester’s Practical approach to TKD

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Exeter, England based Tae Kwon Do instructor Matt Sylvester paid a visit to Cork this weekend to conduct a series of seminars at Mr Paul O’Leary’s Rebel Martial Arts Studio in Ballyvolane.

Having attended Mr Sylvester’s previous seminar in Cork back in 2008, Barry O’Mahony, instructor at Warrior Martial Arts, was eager to attend, and encouraged a group of his students to come along. Michael Goggin, Jonathan Hurley and David Coleman travelled from the Warrior clubs in Ballinhassig and Innishannon to join their instructor, and students from other clubs and arts, in studying Mr Sylvester’s “Practical Tae Kwon Do” system of self defence.

The seminar, which began with a very enjoyable set of ice-breaking warm-up exercises, covered a wide range of self defence techniques. Each aspect of the class utilised traditional Tae Kwon Do movements in various innovative ways to defend and counter-attack in various realistic self defence scenarios. While the seminar had a strong emphasis on Tae Kwon Do, Sylvester regularly made  a point of highlighting the common threads running through all martial arts, pointing out how similar applications could be applied to the techniques of arts such as Shotokan Karate-do and Aikido.

The seminar was thoroughly enjoyed by the Warrior group and a number of the ideas picked up over its course will surely appear in classes during the coming weeks and months!

Matt Sylvester’s excellent, detailed book “Practical Taekwondo” can be purchased online from Amazon.

More photos can be found on the Warrior Martial Arts facebook page.


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More photos can be found on the Warrior Martial Arts facebook page.


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