Master Harrison Seminar 2012

Master Harrison Seminar 2012

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Master Clive Harrison Seminar Clonakilty 2012

The weekend of November 3rd-4th saw Master Clive Harrison return to West Cork to once again teach and test the students of Warrior Martial Arts.

On the night of Friday the 2nd, Master Harrison travelled to Ballyvolane in Cork City to examine students of Mr. Paul O’Leary’s Rebel Martial Arts school. Satisfied with their high standard, Master Harrison promoted Mr. Richard Barry to 1st Degree Black Belt and Mr. William Doody to 2nd Degree. All at Warrior Martial Arts would like to extend our congratulations to both gentlemen and to their instructor, Mr. O’Leary on the occasion of gaining his first new Black Belts at the Rebel Martial Arts Studio since its opening.

The followin morning, Master Harrison, accompanied by his wife Rachael, herself a 3rd Degree Black Belt, led a class of junior students from Warrior Martial Arts and Rebel Martial Arts. The morning session included a very entertaining challenge which encouraged the juniors to improve their focus and co-ordination, while also providing a number of laughs along the way. Fun and games aside, Master Harrison also spoke and demonstrated at length about the importance of correct technique (reaction force especially) for generating power when executing technique. The 7th Degree’s depth of knowledge clearly impacted on the enthusiastic and energetic young students as they sat patiently, rapt at the words and actions of their instructor.

Following a brief break for lunch, it was time for Master Harrison to return to the floor, this time to put the senior students through their paces. The Warrior and Rebel students were joined for this session by a contingent from Mr. Niall O’Keeffe’s  UTI Blarney club. As well as covering a number of patterns and the techniques therein, the students were also led through a series of kicking drills designed for more effective competitive sparring. The drills, while challenging, were very practical; a number of students commented on their eagerness to put the techniques into action in tournaments at the soonest possible opportunity.

Following the seminar, Master Harrison, as always, made time to speak with students and instructors before departing to get some rest before the long day that awaited him at the Warrior Martial Arts Black Belt exams on Sunday morning.



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