Kilbrittain Warrior Tae Kwon Do Kickathon 2009

Kilbrittain Warrior Tae Kwon Do Kickathon 2009

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Kilbrittain Warrior Tae Kwon Do recently decided to raise funds for the Community Hall where they train every Thursday evening and the Kilbrittain Young @ Heart group who get together in the same hall earlier on Thursdays.

The most popular idea was to run a Kickathon, which is to see how many kicks the class could do in an hour. A target was set of 10,000 kicks and any student who wished to take part would get a sponsorship card and try to raise some funds for the two groups.

Both the challenge and the fundraising turned out to be a great success, not only did the class reach their quota of kicks they went on to do a grand total of 16,590 kicks in less than an hour. This was a remarkable achievement as some of the students were as young as six years of age.

A grand total of €504 was raised and was presented to a delighted Mr. Jack Kelly,

Mr. Dan O’ Mahony chief instructor with Warrior Tae Kwon Do said well done to all those who took part and all who gave generously to these local groups.


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