Instructor Training & Squad Sparring Sessions

Instructor Training & Squad Sparring Sessions

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This year’s Instructor Training Course is starting back up in November.

After a lengthy break brought about by the summer holidays and the organised chaos that is the preparation for a Black Belt Examination, we’re finally back on track.

The date for our first class of this term is provisionally set as Saturday Novemeber 21st at 6.30pm in Ballinhassig Tae Kwon Do Club. The class will include a re-cap of the content of Module 1 (Pattern Examination and Technical Assessment) as well as covering new material in the area of Tournament Refereeing, Coaching and Sparring Training Methods. Dig out your notes from Module 1 as we will be asking questions.

The schedule currently in place allows for 2 further sessions after this one, before the end of the year (4 Modules in total for 2009). All of these sessions will cover instruction techniques and training methods, as well as a detailed study of the entire Beginner to 1st Dan Syllabus. All going to plan, the course will be completely wrapped up before Summer 2010, with the January – Summer term containing the First Aid Module as well as a comprehensive Technique and Patterns Seminar.

All Trainees must attend this sessions to remain on the course for 2009/2010.

Squad Training – Sparring Sessions

All squad members will also be called back into action in November. Our new style of Squad Sparring Sessions kicks off on Saturday Novemeber 21st at 7pm in Ballinhassig Tae Kwon Do Club, overlapping the Instructor Training Course Module 2 class which is taking place that day (Module 2 covers refereeing and sparring coaching).

This class is compulsory for all squad members (as are all Squad Sparring Sessions) and will run for 1 hour.

The class will include intense fitness and sparring drills so be sure to bring water, a towel and a FULL set of Sparring Gear:

  1. Hand Pads
  2. Foot Pads
  3. Shin Guards
  4. Gumshield
  5. Groin Guard for males.
  6. A VERY limited number of Head Guards will be available to borrow but please bring your own if you have one – all Black Belts MUST have their own.

Non-squad members are welcome and encouraged to attend, especially those in nearby clubs (Ballinhassig, Bishopstown, Innishannon) as this is your opportunity to train alongside our Irish Team.

Class cost is 6 euro with all proceeds going to the Squad Fund. This fund is used to cover or contribute towards paying expenses incurred by the Squad when part-taking in Warrior Tae Kwon Do endorsed competitions and related activities (ie. seminars and training camps).

For information on future Instructor Training Course and Squad Sparring sessions, keep an eye on the Upcoming Events Calendar.


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