Instructor Training Course 2011

Instructor Training Course 2011

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The first ever group of students have completed the new Warrior Martial Arts Umpire & Assistant Instructor Training Course.

On Sunday October 9th, a group of Black Belts and advanced grades gathered at the Clonakilty club to take part in the course. The first section covered a range of aspects of martial arts instruction such as awareness of correct and safe warm-ups, proper demonstration and explanation of technique and awareness of the difficulties which some students may face when learning martial arts. A number of these students are already putting their training into use, assisting their instructors every week in class, and hopefully more will get the opportunity to begin their journey into teaching in the coming months.

The course then progressed to the tournament umpiring section, which instructed all participants in the methods needed to accurately and fairly judge contestants in Warrior Martial Arts pattern and sparring competitions. As well as learning the scoring system for marking patterns, the students got the opportunity to practice umpiring a series of sparring bouts and were free to ask any questions which arose during the course of the day.

The course members were later joined by a larger group of students for a detailed class on the Warrior Tae Kwon Do patterns from Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo.



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