Warriors at Cork Open 2011

Warriors at Cork Open 2011

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Andrew Foley (Baltimore), Sophia Cassidy Eulitz and Mark Moriyama (Ballydehob)
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The recent Cork Open Championships saw a number of relatively new faces in the Warrior Tae Kwon Do squad. The lineup on the day featured juniors Josh Cronin, Brian O’Mahony, Andrew Foley, Jonathan Hurley and Sophia Cassidy, as well as seniors David Coleman and Mark Moriyama. With the exception of Josh and Jonathan, both of whom already have a wealth of experience, ┬áthe rest of the team had only previously competed on one or two occasions.

The tournament was a very physical one, with no punches pulled when it came to the sparring bouts, but this was of little concern to the Warriors, who were more than up to the challenge.

Josh & Brian, who both train at the Ballinhassig and Innishannon Warrior Martial Arts clubs were unlucky in their bouts, coming up against opponents who had far more experience and also a considerable height advantage. These factors didn’t worry the two young Warriors in the slightest though, and they battled with all the heart and bravery of fighters twice their size.

Better fortune was in store for Baltimore’s Andrew Foley who, taking on very tough opposition, fought with great intelligence to earn himself a Bronze medal in a hotly-contested section.

From Ballydehob club, Sophia Cassidy Eulitz put on a brilliant display taking a Bronze medal in patterns, which was no mean feat in itself, but also a second Bronze in sparring. Her club-mate Mark Moriyama then added to the medal tally by bringing home a further 2 Bronze medals, having had to perform his pattern 3 times before going on to the semi finals of the Men’s White-Green Belt sparring.

Also competing in the Senior Male division was Ballinhassig’s David Coleman who, due to an error on the day, ended up fighting a single-fight challenge against the winner of the Men’s White-Green Heavyweight division. The going was tough here as David’s opponent was an experienced fighter and a heavy hitter. Going the full distance, David weathered a barrage of powerful strikes but did not back down once and gave as good as he got. Unfortunately the points did not add up in his favour, but the battle has left David even more determined to succeed in his future bouts, a sign of a true champion.

Also in action on the day was Jonathan Hurley of the Ballinhassig and Innishannon clubs. Jonathan is, at this stage, no stranger to the competition circuit and his experience stood to him as he took on a field of Red & Black belts to claim a well-deserved Silver medal for his powerful performance of the pattern Hwa Rang and a Bronze for his energetic and precise sparring.

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