Clash of the Warriors 2017

Clash of the Warriors 2017

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Last Sunday, February 18th, Clonakilty Tae Kwon Do club, hosted the 7th Clash of the Warriors. Encompassing the entirety of the West Cork area, The Clash gave our budding martial artists an opportunity to showcase their ever-improving skills by pitting them against one another in a safe and friendly competitive environment.

The Warriors took to the floor in great numbers with an astonishing competitor count exceeding 230 participants. Hailing from 16 clubs across West Cork, registrants ranged from beginner to black belt, and began as young as 5 years old! Some may have been smaller than others, but without a doubt each and every one of them have proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

The day began at 10 AM sharp with a thrilling display of technique and control in the form of a short patterns demonstration. A 6 strong team of seasoned Warrior black belts performed the intricate pattern Choong Moo. Being one of the more difficult pattens available, the group’s ease of execution highly credited their ability as they gave viewers a snippet of what Warrior Martial Arts is all about.

Monumental displays of courage and bravery could be seen throughout the day as competitors avidly contested for silverware in both patterns and sparring sections.

The patterns sections proved to be great exhibitions of technique, bundled full of calculated stances, pin-point strikes and crunching kicks. All participants must be complimented for their commendable poise and composure as they performed in front of their fellow competitors, onlooking spectators and the Warrior officials.

Sparring divisions, on the other hand, offered a drastic change in pace. Warriors faced off against one another in fast paced, action packed matches, with a ruleset tailored to encourage and reward skilled and controlled technique; ensuring safety for all competitors. From seeing students train each week we knew there were going to be marvellous matches – and they certainly didn’t disappoint! Spectators were treated to breathtaking exhibitions of talent, flair, and most importantly, fun!

As the saying goes, the gift of time is priceless, therefore we, at Warrior Martial Arts, would like to offer the height of gratitude to those who volunteered their services on the day. The support was outstanding! Without you The Clash would not have been possible.

We would also like to thank the competitors. The preparation and execution of competitions can be extremely demanding and often stressful however seeing you all on the day makes it more than worthwhile. It warms our hearts to see so many of you participate every year and excites us for what is to come in the future!

Finally we would like the thank the parents. Primarily for taxiing your trainee warriors throughout the year, but also for your support. Applause and encouragement goes a long way during competitions, it gives everyone the boost they need on the day! 

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